Buffalo Afro American Collection

Microfilmed Local History Records

During the past three decades, the Afro-American Historical Association of the Niagara Frontier, working in conjunction with the History Department at Buffalo State College, has attempted to preserve historical records and papers pertaining to the Western New York Afro-American community on microfilm. The microfilmed records and related documents make up the “Buffalo Afro-American Collection.” That microfilming project has served as a model for small community historical agencies with limited operating budgets. The “Buffalo Afro-American Collection” records are deposited at three locations; the Frank E. Merriweather Library and William A. Miles Center for African and African-American Studies (1324 Jefferson Ave., Buffalo, NY 14208); Butler Library Archives Buffalo State College; and the Monroe Fordham Regional History Center, Buffalo State College. The following titles are held at those three locations:

Afro-American Historical Association of the Niagara Frontier, Inc., Corporate Records, 1972-1992. microfilm, two rolls.

Acker Papers, Daniel. Daniel Acker was president of the Buffalo branch NAACP from 1972 until his death in 1997. microfilm, one roll.

African-American Studies Department Records and Papers, Buffalo State College, 1969-1977. microfilm, three rolls.

African World newspaper, October, 1970-Sept., 1975. microfilm, partial roll (on roll with Attica NOW!).

Alpha Kappa Boule ( Buffalo , NY ) Papers SIGMA PI PHI FRATERNITY. Microfilm, 2 rolls.

Arthur, (George K.) Papers. The papers and files of the former member of the Buffalo Common Council. The papers were organized and indexed by the Buffalo State College Archives. (Actual papers, not microfilm. Only at Butler Library, Buffalo State College).

Attica NOW! Misc. Papers of a Buffalo based Prison Reform Group. Microfilm, partial roll (on roll with African World newspaper).

Bellamy Files, Herbert. Herb Bellamy was a prominent Buffalo African-American businessman and one-time member of the Buffalo Common Council. Microfilm, one roll.

Bellamy (Herbert) Photo Albums on 26 CDs

Bethel A.M.E. Church Papers, Buffalo, New York, 1920s-1960s. Bethel is the oldest black congregation in the City of Buffalo . Microfilm, three rolls.

Bethel A.M.E. Church Services. 12 church services and sermons by their gifted preacher, Rev. Harry White, Jr. The Sunday services were recorded in 1989. Each service is preserved on 1 or 2 CD-Rs.

Black Faculty & Staff Papers, Buffalo State College, 1974-1989. microfilm, one roll.

Buffalo Affirmative Action Program, Committee Proceedings and Correspondence, 1973-1978. microfilm, one roll.

Buffalo Afro-American Photos of Historic Events. Contains photos from: (1) the Colored Musicians Union of Buffalo Historic Photos; (2) Black & Puerto Rican Caucus (Northern Region) Convention in Syracuse, NY, 1976; (3) B.U.I.L.D. of Buffalo Juneteenth Celebration, 1976; and (4) B.U.I.L.D. of Buffalo Convention, 1976. 1 CD-R

Buffalo African-American Funeral Program and Obituary Collection, Volume 1. microfilm, two rolls.

Buffalo African American Funeral Program and Obituary Collection, Volume 2. 3 rolls of 16MM microfilm

Buffalo Branch NAACP, Papers from the files of. Microfilm, one roll.

Buffalo Branch NAACP, Membership Lists (1990-2001), and other records not included in above title. Microfilm, two rolls.

Buffalo Challenger weekly newspaper, vol 1, April 1963- Oct. 8, 2003 . microfilm, 21 rolls. (April 1968-August 1970 filmed with Dett Papers; missing Jan. 1964-June, 1965).

Buffalo Challenger newspaper, June 2006-Sept. 2007. On same roll with Collins (Dr. Catherine) B.O.E. Papers. One roll of 16MM microfilm

Buffalo Civil Rights Era Files; From the Personal Files of Theresa J. White. Microfilm 3 rolls.

Buffalo Cooperative Economic Society Papers, 1928-1961. microfilm, three rolls.

Buffalo Criterion weekly newspaper, 1940-Oct. 31, 2003. microfilm, 20 rolls.

Buffalo Metropolitan Housing Authority (BMHA)/Colston Papers: Papers from the personal files of Mr. Sherrill Colston , one time chair of BMHA board. One roll of microfilm.

Buffalo Model Cities Expo Photos (from Catherine Collins’ Photo Collection), one CD.

Buffalo Model Cities History on DVD. Produced by Doug Ruffin, this history of Buffalo Model Cities examines the history, purpose, and programs of Buffalo Model Cities on 2 DVDs.

Buffalo Model Cities Papers (nine boxes of papers from the Buffalo Model Cities files preserved on microfilm, collected and preserved by Theresa J. White), eight rolls.

Buffalo Quarters Historical Society/Batchelor Papers

Buffalonians (The). Founded in 1980, the Buffalonians were a group of African Americans who grew up during the first half of the 20th century on the east side and Coldspring sections of Buffalo. Nine of the original members are interviewed and discuss the origins and history of the group. Written and produced by Mrs. Georgia Burnette. One DVD.

Buffalo Youth & Young Adult Choral Society Papers, one roll.

B.U.I.L.D.: A Video History by Douglas Ruffin, Jr. An 8 part television series on the history of the B.U.I.L.D. organization. 4 DVD disks.

B.U.I.L.D. Challenge to WNIA and WSAY Liense Renewal, 1975-1976. microfilm, three rolls.

B.U.I.L.D. Files, Buffalo, NY, 1967-1975. microfilm, five rolls.

Burrell Papers, Dr. Anna Porter. Dr. Burrell was the first African-American faculty member at Buffalo State College. Microfilm, partial roll (on same roll with Michigan Avenue YMCA).

Chappelle, Mary Crosby; Misc speech notes, a one year diary, and personal reflections and comments on various themes. Microfilm, one roll (on same roll with Erie County LINKS).

Chisholm, Shirley. Twelve lectures that Ms. Chisholm presented at Buffalo State College on the history of Black Women in America: Black women in (1) Slavery; (2) Education; (3) the Economy; (4) Civil Rights; (5) Race Pride; (6) the Suffrage Movement; (7) Literature and the Fine Arts; (8) Show Business/Early Years; (9) Show Business/50s & 60s; (10) Constitutional Principles; (11) Government Service & Politics; and (12) Today. Produced by “Buffalo State College Presents”. 12 DVDs.

Coles Papers (Robert Traynham). Buffalo African American reform activist, and architect. Papers document Cole’s lifelong involvement in reform activities. 9 rolls of microfilm.

Collins (Catherine) Papers, one roll.

Collins, (Dr. Catherine) B.O.E. Papers. Selected Papers of a member of the Buffalo Board of Education. On same roll with Buffalo Challenger newspaper (6/2006-9/2007). One roll of 16MM microfilm.

Collins Papers (David A.). The personal papers of former Masten District Councilman David A. Collins. 3 rolls of microfilm.

Collins Photo Album (David A.). Photo album of the family and political life of Masten District Councilman David A. Collins. 1 CD-R.

Colored Musicians Association of Buffalo , AFM Local 533, 1917-1968 (Series 1). microfilm, one roll.

Colored Musicians Association of Buffalo , AFM Local 533, 1917-1968 (Series 2). Microfilm, four rolls.

Community Food Center of Western New York Papers. Microfilm, one roll.

Dett Papers, Dr. Robert Nathaniel (1882-1943); Pianist, Composer, Conductor, Poet, Educator: Dr. Dett was a native of Niagara Falls . Partial roll (same roll with Buffalo Challenger, 1968-1970).

DuBard Papers, Raphael. Mr. DuBard was a former President of the New York State NAACP. He was also active in the Buffalo Branch. Microfilm, two rolls.

Dunson (Jesse Thomas) Letters & Scrapbooks. Mr. Dunson operated a black theater in Philadelphia during the early 20th century, his niece, who preserved his letters, etc., was a Buffalo resident.

Easley Papers, Robert W. Mr. Easley was Olean ’s most prominent African-American. He was a lifelong civil rights activist, labor leader, musician, and businessman. Microfilm, one roll.

Easley Photo Album, Robert W. Mr. Easley’s photo album is preserved on 3 CDs.

Echols’ Family Church Papers. The family of Rev. E.J. Echols and E.J. Echols, Jr., long-time pastors of First Shiloh Baptist Church, Buffalo. Two rolls of 16mm microfilm.

Echols’ Family Church Photo Album. More than 300 photos from the Echols’ Family photo album. On a CD.

Ellicott District Coalition, Misc. Papers, Buffalo New York, 1968-1982. microfilm, one roll.

First Shiloh Baptist Church , Buffalo , NY . 1 CD-R.

First Shiloh Baptist Church (Buffalo, NY) Photo Albums, 1CD-R.

First Shiloh Baptist Church , Buffalo , New York ; Records and Papers Pertaining to Its History. Microfilm, six rolls.

Fluker, Rev. Dr. Walter E., Sermon, “Saul Was Tall.” Sermon by Rev. Fluker was preached on Men’s Day, 10/19/97, at First Shiloh Baptist Church , Buffalo , NY . 1 CD-R.

Fordham, Monroe; A Conversation With. Drs. Nuala Drescher, and Jean Richardson interview Monroe Fordham. They discuss the origin and purpose of the Afro-American Historical Association of the Niagara Frontier. The interview, on DVD, was taped in October, 2000.

Fordham Papers, Monroe . Personal and Professional Papers as well as records of numerous organizations in which Fordham was active, 1960s-1990s; plus Post-Retirement Papers. microfilm, four rolls.

Grace Manor Nursing Home Founding Committee Papers, 1989-1993. microfilm, one roll.

Highland Avenue Neighborhood Preservation Corporation Papers, Niagara Fall, NY. Microfilm, one roll.

Hodges Papers, Clemmon and Leah. Microfilm, four rolls.

Hodges (Clemmon) Photo Album on CD.

Housing Opportunities Made Equal (H.O.M.E.), Series 1, 1963-1985. microfilm, four rolls.

Housing Opportunities Made Equal (H.O.M.E.) Series 2, 1985-1995. microfilm, two rolls.

Hunter, Archie Remembered. Biographical stories of a black Buffalo community leader. Recollections of co-workers, employers, and others who knew the longtime social worker and community leader. 1 DVD.

Hunter Papers, Juanita K. Series 1. Mrs. Hunter was a prominent African-American nurse, and a former president of the New York Nurses Association. Microfilm, two rolls.

Hunter Papers, Juanita K. Series 2. Mrs. Hunter was a prominent African-American nurse, and a former president of the New York Nurses Association. Microfilm, two rolls.

Institute For People Enterprises (IPE) Records and Files.  After leaving B.U.I.L.D., after a bitter fight for control, William Gaitor and his supporters formed IPE.  Microfilm, two rolls.

Jack & Jill Club Photos: from the Dr. Catherine Collins Collection. Most of the photos were taken at state and national conventions of Jack and Jill, Inc. There are many candid and informal shots of some of the organization’s leaders. Some of the photos are of activities of the Buffalo Club, and a few are personal shots of Dr. Collins with well known national black personalities. 1 CD.

LINKS of Buffalo Chapter Papers, 1950s-1980s. microfilm, three rolls.

LINKS of Erie County Chapter, Papers, 1987-2000. microfilm, partial roll (on same roll with Chappelle, Mary).

LINKS of Erie County Chapter, Papers II (update). One roll of 16MM microfilm.

LINKS of Niagara Falls , NY Papers. Microfilm, one roll.

Michigan Avenue Y.M.C.A. Records. Microfilm, partial roll (on same roll with Burrell Papers).

Michigan Street Preservation Corporation Papers, 1996-1998. microfilm, one roll.

Nash Papers, Frances Jackson. Mrs. Frances Nash was the wife of Buffalo ’s Rev. J. Edward Nash. Microfilm, one roll

Nash Papers, Rev. J. Edward, 1868-1957. microfilm, eight rolls.

Niagara Community Center Association Files, Niagara Falls, NY, 1927-1977. microfilm, one roll.

Noles Papers, Eva M., 1940s-1980s. Mrs. Noles was a prominent Afro-American nurse. She was a first of her race in numerous areas. Microfilm, four rolls.

New York African American Institute, 1986. microfilm, one roll.

Peoples (Crystal Davis) Photo Album. On a CDR.

Peoples (Crystal) Papers. Peoples was a member of the Erie County Legislature and the New York State Assembly. One roll of 16MM microfilm.

Ralston / Hall Family Genealogy Materials

Revolutionary Action Movement (RAM), Political Literature and other Papers and Records from RAM, 1960s and 1970s. microfilm, one roll.

Robinson, William; A Sketch of his life in Pictures. William Robinson was a former Erie County legislator, a former player in the Negro Baseball League, and a resident of Buffalo , Mew York. This DVD was produced from still photos that capture some of the highlights of his life. 1 DVD

“The Roof Shall Not Rise,” The Story of the Underground Railroad at the Michigan Street Baptist Church. A video (DVD) by Ken Giangregco, 2005.

Scott (Madeline) Papers, microfilm, 2 rolls

St. Luke AME Zion Papers. Two rolls of 16mm microfilm.

St. Luke A.M.E. Zion (Buffalo, NY) Photo Albums, 2 CD-Rs.

St. Philips Episcopal Church, Buffalo , NY , (Various Church Records). Microfilm, one roll.

Thomas Papers, Carolyn Bernice McClester. Mrs. Thomas was a social worker, church worker, community activist, and a founder of the Food Center of Western NY (Food Bank). Microfilm, two rolls.

Thompson, Albert Personal Files, microfilm, one roll.

Thompson, Albert Photos on CD. 1 CD.

Urban League of Buffalo, Corporate Minutes ahd Several Reports, 1927-1977 (Series 1). Microfilm, one roll.

Urban League of Buffalo (Papers that were discovered after #1 was filmed). Series 2. microfilm, partial roll. (part of Geo. W. Smith roll).

White, Jr., Rev. Harry (Pastor of Bethel A.M.E. Church , Buffalo NY ). 12 sermons by one of the A.M.E. Church ’s most gifted preachers. The sermons (and church services) were recorded in 1989. Each service is recorded on one or two CD-Rs.

Wright, Dr. Lydia Personal Files. Microfilm 1 roll.

Wright, Dr. Lydia Family Photo Album on CDs. Four CDs.